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Hefei Jiangshan participated in the 18th China Xiamen International Stone Exhibition and successfully closed

On May 18th, the first day of the trade fair, the number of people reached an overwhelming number. They were mainly domestic distributors, followed by stone people who were using our products but wanted to learn and communicate more about technical related issues. Those were foreign dealers. Each customer gave his opinion after interpreting the local market, that is, what kind of products the customer as well as the market needs, which provides valuable suggestions for our company's technical improvement and progress, because the technology will ultimately originate from the market and from the demand.

Whether as a "buy" or a "sell", the key lies in the product. Even if customers have a need to buy, but there are too many similar products in the market, how can we make them buy our products? This requires us to improve the competitiveness of our products. Through this exhibition, we have also established cooperation with some high-quality enterprises. Every Jiangshan person takes "technology, harmony, high quality and win-win" as the purpose. Through the products and services of Jiangshanweixin, we bring suppliers and customers together. Towards a dynamic new era.