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Specifications: M4-M8;

Series composition: casing, countersunk head cross bolt;

Applicable substrates: hollow substrates such as hollow bricks, gypsum boards, cement fiberboards, and wood boards;

Product features:

1. The expansion arm is deployed on the back of the plate, and a large area is pressed tightly on the surface, and the contact radius of the large area is improved, Improved bearing capacity and safety;

2. Anti-following lock (featured pliers) to prevent follow-up during installation;

3. The surface is flush, and the permanently expanded anchor bolt can be repeatedly disassembled and assembled;

4. The metric thread can be screwed in smoothly and fix the anchor tightly;

5. Each size of HM is suitable for multiple sheet thicknesses;

6 Anchor bolts can be installed with pliers, electric wrench or ordinary wrench;