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Main Ingredients: Epoxy resin, organic modified amine, inorganic filler.

Product Usage: Mainly used for dry-hanging bonding of stone interior and exterior walls, concrete prefabricated parts and peripheral reinforcement bonding of structural parts.

Product Features: This product is a modified epoxy resin polymer, which has good physical properties after curing, excellent water resistance, moisture resistance and chemical resistance, and excellent weather resistance (it can be used in an environment of -30~80°C after being fully cured). It is non-corrosive and harmless to the human body. If it is accidentally contaminated, it can be washed with soapy water.

How to use:

Mix A and B at a ratio of 1:1 and stir evenly until the color is consistent;

The bonding surface must be clean and free of pulp, loose matter, dust and oil;

Apply evenly to the bonding surface with a steel spatula or similar tool.


1. Please read the instructions and operating procedures carefully before use;

2. Mixed glue cannot be returned to the bucket;

3. Tools should be cleaned with acetone immediately after use;

4. If the bonding surface is too smooth, be sure to grind it rough

5. When it is not fully cured, the bonded object cannot be moved or loaded;

6. When the temperature is low in winter, the colloid can be heated to 30~40°C for construction;

7. It is not suitable for construction in humid places, and the construction temperature is -10~45°C;

8. The effective construction time of the colloid after mixing is 15~20 minutes at room temperature;

9. Store in a cool place, the storage period is one year, and the product can still be used if it passes the retest after one year.

Special Reminder:

When using, please use the ratio of A to B 1:1 or A is slightly more than B. Be sure to stir thoroughly before construction, otherwise the colloid may not be fully cured, thereby reducing the strength and polluting the stone.