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Product Details


Main ingredients: unsaturated polyester resin, inorganic filler

Main Purpose: Suitable for high-grade stone processing, building stone, ceramics, quick positioning and mosaic of vitrified bricks, repair and bonding

Product Features: 

(1) Can be constructed at low temperature (-10~45°C);

(2) It has the characteristics of good sag resistance, high hardness, good polishing, fast curing speed, etc;

(3) You can choose transparent, white, beige, black and other colors for stones of different colors.

How To Use:

(1) Apply glue to the bonding surface with the glue adjustment tool;

(2) Take 100 parts of glue and mix 2~3 parts of curing agent, and mix well;

(3) The bonding surface should be clean and dry, if the bonding surface is too smooth, please be sure to grind it coarsely.

Physical Properties Of Each Component:


Component AMarble Glue):


Main Component
Unsaturated Polyester Resin

Transparent Paste
Light Yellow Transparent Fluid
Colored Paste
Colored Semi-Fluid
0.7~1.2 Pa·S
350~800 Pa·S
4~80 Pa•S
1.05~1.20 g/cm3
1.40~1.60 g/cm3
1.20~1.50 g/cm3
When it burns, it will release H2O and CO2


Component BHardener):

white or light yellow paste
When it burns, it will release H2O and CO2


 (1) After the tool is used, it should be cleaned with acetone immediately;

 (2) Do not put the remaining glue into the barrel after mixing

 (3) The sticky object should not be frequently exposed to moisture and frost;

 (4) If you need firm dry-hanging adhesion, please use our company's AB glue;

 (5) The shelf life is 12 months (see the product barrel cover for the production date);

(6) Please store in a cool, dark place, and close the lid in time after use;

(7) If you need to speed up or slow down the curing speed of marble glue, please increase or reduce the amount of curing agent (the amount of curing agent should not be less than 0.5% or more than 5%).